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Chapel Bell Curve: Lute Shaming, Uncool (Or, an SEC Championship Preview)

The longer you let us talk, the punchier we get. Both in the sense that we lack discretion, and in the sense that you want to punch us.

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University of Georgia Campus
Ring this if Joe Burrow gets mono on Friday
Photo by John Powell/Replay Photos via Getty Images

Nathan and Justin are here today to get your mind right. Let’s be honest, you’re not working on anything too important right now *looks warily at the Doctors, First Responders, and Law Enforcement Officers in the DS readership* well, maybe you aren’t doing anything important right now. Either way, given that you’re not on-call or on-shift this weekend, you’re probably here to get your head in the game, and the boys are here for you with a mega-sized SEC preview episode. Highlights include:

  • Nathan talks about his Thanksgiving week for a bizarrely long amount of time
  • A light skimming of the GT game
  • We don’t really hate LSU, sorry about it
  • Justin goes hard on the winsipedia
  • Nathan and his comprehensive stat breakdown circus
  • Nathan and his existential crisis over the statistical closeness of these two teams
  • Nathan makes a bold prediction, and then changes it
  • Justin, a man of integrity, makes and sticks with a bold prediction
  • Nathan changes his prediction again
  • Some very good listener questions
  • A lot of talk about Christmas songs
  • Nathan changes his prediction again
  • Nathan talks about paganistic practices in the Christmas prediction
  • Nathan goes back to his original prediction

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