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Thursday Dawg Bites: Talisman Talisman is in the Portal

Who (or what), you ask, is Talisman Talisman? He’s the kid who’s been on Alabama’s roster for 12 seasons and wants out.

Georgia v Georgia Tech Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Every team needs a bit of luck to be successful to say the least. To win championships, talent just isn’t enough. Luck has to be on your roster. Some teams hoard luck as if there’s a bogus rumor that Twinkies are going to be discontinued then proceed to buy out their local Sam’s Club, storage issues be jinxed. They’ve now got the goods and the rest of us don’t.

Alabama has had a kid on its roster for 12 years now: Talisman Talisman. No one knows his age or where he played high school ball. But the kid produces. You want proof? Look at all the damned luck Alabama had in the National Championship game against us alone. All we asked for is one lousy break, but T. Talisman came off the bench and the rest is history.

Lately, he’s been missing-in-action in T-Town. Why, just yesterday he announced his intentions to transfer. He’s looking for new vistas and some of the top recruiting sites says Georgia is a contender, probably a grad-transfer. Listen, I pay good money at one of these sites and listen to all the chatter. I think this one has legs. Since he’s actually a real talisman, Talisman Talisman actually doesn’t have to adhere to NCAA rules, so he can up and leave anytime he’d like. The latest buzz? He may already be on campus. Take this for what it’s worth. I’m no insider, but I used to play one on TV.


If we win on Saturday, you heard it here first. Go Dawgs.

It is done:

This whole Mike Bobo, free-agent thing is going to be heating up, as news of his ouster at Colorado State University is a fait acompli. Mike won’t be unemployed more than a millisecond if he so chooses. Personally, I think he and Kirby could absolutely rule south Georgia for recruits. But first-things-first: It’s the crazy season and anything could happen as far as where he ultimately lands. I’m hoping for whatever’s best for Coach Bobo. Just don’t go to Columbia (east).

Here’s a retro-article that takes a look at the competitive nature that defines Kirby Smart and Mike Bobo. Oh, and they’re pretty good friends, too.

Kirby is going to make bank if we win the SECCG. I’m all for it. He makes bank if he doesn’t win.

Georgia’s RIvals site has some handy-dandy info for all you statistics junkies out there. George Pickens and Dominick Blaylock have combined for 11 touchdowns thus far in the 2019 campaign, which is right up there in the top-tier nationally. This bodes very well for the future.


In the “FWIW” department, George Pickens has apologized for his actions on Saturday that led to the first-half suspension this coming Saturday. Yeah, it was a stupid thing to do, although it’s awfully hard not to swat a pesky bug when it’s irritating you. Still, this is pretty funny.

D’Andre Swift is probably going to play, but is his shoulder injury affecting ball security? A legitimate question going into Saturday, although on his first fumble against Tech you gotta give credit to the Jacket who put his hat right on the ball in traffic, forcing the bobble. The other fumble was just bad.

Vote for Hot Rod. You have until midnight today.

Tom Crean’s guys had a good evening as they blew out N.C. Central at the Stegosaurus last night. As Anthony “Ant Man” Edwards led all scorers with 21 points. Next up: Arizona State in Tempe on December 14.

That’s all I’ve got. I’m not lazy, just old.

As Always, GO DAWGS!