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Friday Dawg Bites Is Ready to Make It Through December

Go get that money bag, Eason

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship Game-Alabama vs Georgia Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Jacob Eason may have transferred from UGA, but the way in which he embraced his spot on the roster, even if it wasn’t one he wanted in 2017, will only earn him some appreciation by Georgia fans.

It’s hardly surprising then, that in his tweet announcing his decision to turn pro he thanks Georgia as well.

When it comes to this year’s Georgia team, Coach O was, well, not impressed. Anyone who saw how Georgia looked at The Benz would have to agree with him.

“Who’s the best team we’ve played? I’ve got to say Alabama. Alabama, Auburn, Florida. Those three guys were very good.”

More to come from Florida’s moral victory statue ceremony...

For Georgia’s defensive linemen, opportunity to get playing time is everything. Following a redshirt, Julian Rochester is excited about another chance

If you have friends who are fans of The U, your golden opportunity is here to rub it in their faces. Odds are, though that the ones who were fans in the 90s are now Ohio State/Bama fans and are already getting set to put on Duke basketball and New York Yankees gear soon.

That said, I’m not sure The U will be relevant again unless the NCAA decides to look the other way when Miami brings its boosters back in to start paying players again.

Your move, Luther Campbell.

I’m not saying there’s apathy around the Sugar Bowl for Georgia fans, but the secondary market is rather, um, not robust

If you’re near the gulf or Red Stick, this is obviously a tremendous time to see Georgia in a major bowl game - and yes, even if it’s not a CFP game, the Sugar Bowl is a big deal.

If Georgia’s players and coaches are motivated anything like the ticket market is, this could be a 2010 Liber—— you know what, let’s not speak that into existence.

Go Dawgs!