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Thursday Morning Dawg Bites

Another Christmas has come and gone. I hope yours was as wonderful as mine.

SEC Championship - Georgia v LSU

Happy day-after-Christmas, or “Boxing Day” as folks from the British Commonwealth nations say, my English wife included. We are less than a week away from Georgia & Baylor squaring off in the Sugar Bowl and I honestly have no idea of what our roster will look like. I suppose we’ll see a bunch of new faces on both sides of the ball and that is exciting (and, a bit terrifying), but either way it’s a chance to go out with a bang on what was probably the most lukewarm 11-2 season I can ever remember. It’ll be interesting to see how focused we are as some kids will be auditioning for some real playing time in 2020.

Anyway, on to some tiddly bits and newsy notes...

1. I guess you’ve heard by now that ESPN college football reporter Ed Aschoff died after a brief bout with double pneumonia on his 34th birthday - Christmas eve. Aschoff was a rising star at ESPN and was universally loved by all who knew him. Young people are not supposed to die. Not like this.

2, On an uplifting note, here’s something that’ll warm your heart as former Georgia quarterback Matt Stafford and his wife, Kelly, do something really special for some kids who recently lost their loved one.

3. Last year’s lackluster effort in the Sugar Bowl vs. Texas (remember, they’re back!) is something that Kirby Smart does not want to see repeated vs. Baylor this go ‘round. How motivated will Georgia be next week? Baylor is thrilled to be in New Orleans and will probably play like they want to be there. Will we?

4. Here’s an article on who could play vs. Baylor and not burn their redshirt, courtesy of 247 Sports.

5. Sports Illustrated suggested a Christmas wish-list for Georgia. If we can hold onto those dudes who are long-time commits and get a certain running back, tight end and defensive back to fax in their LOI’s, that #1 class in the nation will be a reality. There is also a certain Mississippi defensive tackle (the Magnolia State continues to produce a lot of D-Line talent every year), that could end up in Athens as well. Would there be a spot for him? You always save a spot for an elite defensive lineman.

6. However you feel about Gary Danielson, it’s going to be very different when CBS and the SEC part ways. Loran Smith reminisces about the partnership that began in 1996 and will end in 2023 as ESPN/ABC takes over. CBS put forth a lot of effort, dedicating a ton of resources into their one game they broadcasted on Saturday (sometimes, two if there were 2 matchups worthy of a day/night billing). I hope ESPN puts some effort into their new acquisition and that the game isn’t just another ESPN game on any given Saturday.

That’s all I’ve got on a somewhat slow day-after Christmas. Things are sure to pick up as we get closer to the Sugar Bowl.

As Always, GO DAWGS!