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Friday Dawg Bites Does Not See The Gap Closing

Who are our backup linemen, again?

SEC Championship - Georgia v LSU Photo by Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images

You don’t want to go all Larry Munson doom and gloom already about the Sugar Bowl, but it’s hard to at least entertain the thought. It now looks like Georgia’s offensive line depth will be tested even more. Not only will the NFL Draft-bound Andrew Thomas and Isaiah Wilson not be on the field, but eligibility issues will sideline Ben Cleveland.

Toss in the unknown status of ‘DAndre Swift and James Cook...and it’s “remain calm, all is well!!’ for the Dawgs on offense.

If you thought you’d hear from Georgia’s players in interviews before the team heads to NOLA - think again. At least in Kirby’s world, five minutes of a day is a massive detriment.

Meanwhile in Gainesville...the gap ain’t closing. You really do not hate to see it.

The Hoop Dawgs welcome a solid test to Stegeman Colisum Friday with SMU rolling into the Classic City. Georgia’s fortunes will be helped by the return of Jordan Harris.

Women’s basketball had three quarters worth of play to earn a signature win on Thursday. Trouble bad quarter ruined those hopes against UCLA.

Go Dawgs!