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Dawg Bites Reminds You To Always Respect The Specs

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NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Georgia Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, this thing happened last night.

Honestly, if Hot Rod wouldn’t have won, Georgia fans may have pillaged something.

And those keeping score, that’s three national position awards in three years for Georgia.

And also on the scene Thursday - Herschel.

Nobody knows the name Chip Chambers that well, but they likely know him by his gameday role as Mic Man, The ABH has a profile on him with his being among UGA graduating class of 2019 this weekend.

Last night’s Groza Award was not the only honor for Georgia. Hot Rod and Andrew Thomas also raked in some SEC honors.

A look at the type a guy Matt Luke is. I mean, anyone who has his own kids listening to AC/DC and Bon Jovi on the ride to school seems just right to me.

Baylor head coach Matt Rhule is a hot candidate to make the jump to the NFL next year. Could that chatter be a distraction and help Georgia? Hey, it couldn’t hurt.

Tennessee fans actually..yes actually bought tickets for a game that the Vols didn’t go to, because of course they did. Hopefully they don’t get duped at the Gator Bowl by someone claiming that The Landing is still the happening place.

Strong expectations are in place for the Gym Dogs as they are ranked eighth in the preseason rankings, the same place that they finished last year. Having all gymnasts but three back from last season won’t hurt, either.

A Bowl game in the Big Easy is coming up, which brings it to...

Go Dawgs!