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Rating The Three Keys

Even with some stumbles, Georgia still dominated

Georgia v Georgia Tech Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

If you take away the second quarter, Saturday’s throttling of Georgia Tech went about as well as it could for Georgia. In no uncertain terms, the Dawgs, as expected, dominated.

Want to know how impressive the win was? It came despite some nightmarish moments some which we pegged earlier this week as keys to a win.

Stop The Run early.

Georgia held Texas A&M to minus-1 rushing yards last week, and it’ll need to do the same against Tech early on to eradicate any confidence from Tech’s win last week.

If Georgia gives Tech a dismal start, notably shutting down James Graham, it controls the games tempo from the start.

Tech’s run game was a non-factor. As a result, it was a day of many third and longs. With the Jackets having a pass-challenged offense, it made Georgia’s defensive job easy on third down and forced a record number of GT punts.

As Kirby Smart said post-game, “Good For Them.”

Don’t get caught up

This game is everything to Tech fans and players. Win, and it’s a big deal fora year. Look for the Jackets to play with that emotional chip on their shoulders, something that Georgia does not need to be baited into responding to.

So, about George Pickens....

He won the fight, first and foremost. Seeing Tech reacting to being embarrassed by trying to throw a few haymakers is hardly a surprise.

The bad thing for Pickens was not so much getting a few swings in, but the final shove into the wall like a ragdoll.

Still, Pickens has to handle that better. He’s an incredible talent, but much like a hockey player that gets in multiple fights, he’s not much good to the team if he’s suspended and not able to play, as he will be for the first half next week.

Protect The Ball

One surefire way to throw momentum away on the road? Turn the ball over. If Georgia does this, it controls the game and winning is easier.

Georgia defied the football gods on Saturday, turning it over three times, twice in a quarter and still won easily. It’s also worth noting that the only tangible Tech scoring threat came from Blalock’s fumble deep in Georgia territory.

Georgia got away with that on Saturday. It won’t against LSU.

Go Dawgs!

Go Dawgs!