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Three keys to beating Mizzou

Georgia’s a favorite. It needs to play like it

NCAA Football: Georgia at Florida Matt Stamey-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe it’s come with the strong-minded head coaches or even from the feeling that maybe they’re an outlier in the SEC. Regardless, Mizzou always tends to play Georgia tough, and the timing of Saturday’s game sandwiched between Florida and Auburn does not help.

So you can’t blame Georgia people for seeing shades of South Carolina going into this game. After all, by and large, lots had to go wrong in the USCe game for Georgia to lose, and that happened.

Here’s three keys to Georgia beating Mizzou on Saturday.

Win in the box

Of teams Georgia has faced this year, Mizzou may have the most capable ground game. It’ll be up to Georgia’s defensive line and linebackers, namely the inside linebackers and linemen, to clog things and up and bog the Tigers down between the tackles and take that element away.

Suffocate and don’t let up

It seems like a old and tired strategy, but it still holds true. Georgia is better than Missouri. It does not need to let the Tigers hang around into the third quarter and think that they have a chance to win.

Win the edge

Sure, D’Andre Swift eventually got yards between the tackles last week, but things really loosened up with the stretch plays to get to edge. If Georgia gets its playmakers in space outside the tackles, via run or pass, itll be a great Saturday night in Athens.

Go Dawgs!