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Chapel Bell Curve: What’s the love-making equivalent of the inside zone?

This week: Nathan’s ingrained unwillingness to stop talking before the point of exhaustion has already taken his prospective political career, prospective podcast advertisers, and several facebook friends. Will it threaten the stability of his marriage next?

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University of Georgia Campus
Does anyone know a good divorce lawyer?
Photo by John Powell/Replay Photos via Getty Images

Justin and Nathan, for whatever reason (dumb luck, quirks of fate, will of a spiteful god, etc.), have made another episode of this podcast. Today, they are taking a deep dive into the Dawgs upcoming tilt against the undisputed king of Tiger mascots (LOL Aubie), Missouri. Highlights today include:

  • A lot of talk about Nathan as a sexual dynasty
  • Justin is the QB of the bedroom
  • Jesus how do people let us keep doing this?
  • Like, seriously, we make (A little bit of) money off of this
  • Are there no rules to this universe?
  • Help, please, the absurdity of the universe is crushing my editorial third-person voice
  • Things Fall Apart
  • The Center cannot hold
  • Mizzou fans are nice!
  • An in-depth statistical breakdown of the game
  • An interview with Nate Edwards over at Rock M Nation, who is both more polite and smarter than us
  • #askcbc, as is tradition, gets hella weird

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We’ll catch you in the Classic City Saturday, but until then, Go Dawgs!