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Thursday Morning Dawg Bites Just Can’t Let Last Saturday Go

Good thing I’m not playing for Kirby or else he’d have me running steps this morning for lack of focus. On to Mizzou!

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 02 Georgia v Florida Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

I was in a work meeting yesterday for about two hours. It was a small meeting, only 5 of us, as we discussed some things regarding IT, new servers and data security. One of the participants is a guy from the former Yugoslavia. The other three are Floridians who happen to be UF alums. Good guys, actually. As the meeting wound down, I had one more talking point before we adjourned. “Gentlemen, I’ve got to get going. But before we leave, just one more piece of business. Go Dawgs!” With a slight wink.

Silence. The stink eye. Muscle sinews showing through clenched jaws. A pall came over the room as if a debt collector walked in. One participant might have passed gas.

“Maybe next year...”

It’s Great to be a Georgia Bulldog. None of these folks are my boss, so I’m good.

Macondawg is absolutely right. We really need to focus on Mizzou...

...but I can’t help myself. Dan Mullen still thinks he’s really close to Georgia. Of course they could win next year, but unless a bonanza of transfers fall into his lap (could happen for both programs), his losses on both sides of the ball is going to make things difficult. Also, consider the psychological angle. It kicked our ass for the better part of 20 years. We’ll see how this plays into things going forward, but it’s a real thing. Two in a row is a trend. Three in a row is a streak.

We go into that game, we expect to win the game. We expected to win last year’s game, and thought a couple of things here and there (and we could have). That’s the way I see. - Dan Mullen, November 4, 2019.

Seth Emerson has a nice piece on the offensive re-charge that carried the day against Florida ($$). Look, the jury is still largely out on whether or not James Coley is the right guy for the O.C. job. But if he can continue to grow into this gig and evolve, maybe things will be okay. Maybe all of this is a matter of guys finally gelling at the right time. We’ll find out more on Saturday.

Georgia did so many things the critics had been clamoring for it to do. The longer version is that Georgia didn’t change its philosophy, it finally lived up to it: The stated goal is to be a balanced team that can run when it needs to and pass when it needs to, and can do both equally well. - Seth Emerson, November 4, 2019 - The Athletic

Why did Florida burn so many crucial timeouts? It turns out they had the wrong wristbands.

DawgSports obtained an exclusive photo, below:

These were supposed to have actual plays written on them. Good news though: Not one Gator had to leave the game because of hives.

Mizzou head coach Barry Odom is “hopeful” Kelly Bryant can play. Of course he’s gonna play. He might play at 100%, 75% or even 50%, but the kid will play. The question is, will he finish?

Over at Rock M Nation, our SBNation Mizzou “sister blog” they’ve posted their preview on Georgia. Will Missouri get the scary (good) home team this Saturday or the scary (bad) home team? C’mon, Dawgs. Halloween is over. Hunker.

Georgia’s defense has been stellar all season long. The coaches are making certain that a less-than-stellar effort from a year ago will not be forgotten.

I’ll leave everyone with this Tweet. It’s awesome.

Everybody loves dawgs. And everyone deserves to be this happy at least once.

That’s all I’ve got. Have a good ‘un, err’body.

As Always, GO DAWGS!