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Chapel Bell Curve: A Theoretical Baby (Not Dan Mullen)

The episode starts off with 4 minutes about a listener’s bedroom style and how that relates to James Coley and just gets weirder from there.

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University of Georgia Campus
Seriously, at this point we know for sure that the Apple Podcast people don’t check whether or not your content is actually explicit.
Photo by John Powell/Replay Photos via Getty Images

Good morning Dawg Nation and outlying territories! The boys are back, and bringing you only the finest, artisinal BS in today’s Florida review. Highlights include:

  • Seriously, just way to much talk about the sex life of a man we’ve never met.
  • Justin and Nathan talk about how the sun is shining brighter today because Florida sucks.
  • Nathan uses stats to wet-blanket everyone’s fun (very similar to Nathan’s early high school dating experience, we would point out)
  • Now we’re both worried about the offense
  • Justin is crawling back to take control of the predictions contest
  • So much Ref Ranting

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