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Wednesday Dawg Bites is Ranked Higher Than Expected

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 02 Georgia v Florida Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Good Morning Dawg Nation, I hope all of you are as giddy as yours truly is. Why the enthusiasm on my end? Because it’s BaskeFoot Season, folks. What’s BaskeFoot Season? It is the couple months out of each year when both major collegiate sports, football and basketball, are in-season. The extremely uncreative term was created one night while sitting around the TV with a couple of friends. We felt that this, the most entertainment filled time of the year for a college sports fan, deserved a name of its own. There is basically always a game to be watched over the next couple of months, and that’s a beautiful thing.

While historically I focus on the end of UGA’s football season before jumping into the exploits of the basketball team, this bunch of Basketdawgs is worth paying attention to. The Dawgs tipped off the season Tuesday with a victory against Western Carolina. All-everything Freshman Anthony Edwards very much looked the part, leading the Dawgs in scoring.

As the Dawgs continue to prepare for Missouri, the first official College Football Playoff rankings hit the airwaves Tuesday night. The Dawgs came in at sixth as the highest one-loss team in the standings. Georgia’s number six ranking puts them ahead of some of the undefeated teams in the Power 5. Turns out scheduling and beating marquee teams from outside the SEC is a good thing in the eyes of the committee.