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Late Games Open Thread: Bedlam >>> Bed Time

NCAA Football: Kansas at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

The Iron Bowl was as crazy as it is supposed to be, and a few of the other afternoon and evening games are still percolating. But this will be the thread that will carry us on through the night.

The biggest match up left on the schedule is the Bedlam affair between #7 Oklahoma and #21 Oklahoma State at 8:00 on FOX. The outcome of the game is rarely in doubt. But the Sooners have developed a delightful habit of making games more interesting than they should be of late, so who knows?

Also the Sunshine State’s premier matchup of also-rans, Florida/Florida State kicks off at 7:30 on SEC Network. It pains me to admit that the Gators are unlikely to get much of a challenge from the rudderless Seminoles. But if they did, oh boy, that would be hilarious.

Finally, connoisseurs of #PAC12AfterDark have choices, with Arizona and Arizona State kicking off at 10:00 on ESPN and UCLA/Cal at 10:30 on FS1.

So curl up, grab a beverage of your choice, and settle in To enjoy the gridiron contempt of others.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!