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Rivalry Afternoon Open Thread: There’s Enough Hate To Go Around

NCAA Football: Alabama at Auburn Montgomery Advertiser-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the pettiest Saturday of the year, with rivalry games up and down the dial.

The Iron Bowl is underway on CBS, with #5 Alabama behind a second string QB taking on #16 Auburn and their freshman quarterback. One of these teams is going to be utterly furious about losing to the other because of that last sentence. Either way, you win.

#13 Wisconsin and #9 are battling it out on ABC in the most consequential Minnesota/Wisconsin game any living person has ever witnessed. That’s worth savoring.

Vanderbilt and Tennessee kick off at 4:00 on SEC Network. The Vols are bowl eligible, but losing to the ‘Dores once again would cast a pall on their season that no Liberty Bowl loss could erase.

Also at 4:00 on FOX Notre Dame and Stanford duke it out in a battle of student sections composed of people who have probably never ironed their own shirts. If self-importance were a football formation, it would have five tight ends and be playing in this one.

We’ll add another thread if the volume of comments necessitates it. But for now, soak up the loathing of others with those you love.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!