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Dawg Bites Is Overturkeyed

Only thing worse than a Thanksigiving Food Coma? Losing to Tech

Texas A&M and the Georgia Bulldogs Photo by Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images

Here’s to hoping that you all have an incredible Thanksgiving.

For the Dawgs’ sake, let’s hope that no foodborne illnesses result in missing Saturday’s Clean Old Fashioned Hate.

Let’s get down to it. It’s called Hate Week for a reason. The only thing strong that that feeling towards Tech this week will be if Georgia loses to them. To quote a member of a three-generation Georgia football family, “you don’t lose to Tech.”

Look, Tech even one time was so made at its own defense for not stopping Georgia’s offense that it started a free-for-all that has Jim Ross’s commentary written all over it.

Best part may be around 2:14 when Goff hip tosses a lineman. Ray Goff was lot of things, but he was someone that knew what it meant to hate the Maggots.

This game was actually on Thanksgiving. Given Tech’s desire for creating a spotlight, I am shocked they have not angled to host Georgia again on Thanksgiving.

The mark of a great QB is how well he makes the guys around him. With Lawrence Cager’s health not looking good, Jake Fromm needs to do that now more than ever.

The Dawgs talk some turkey

PSA: This is an Anthony Edwards Fan Page. He may be very well worth going to the Stegeman Coliseum alone this season, not to mention the guys that Tom Crean has built around him.

And what’s Hate Week without Lewis Grizzard weighing in?

Go Dawgs!