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Thanksgiving Dawg Bites: The Gobble ‘til you Wobble Edition

Do PETA people eat turkey? Uga has a suggestion where they can stick a Butterball.

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NCAA Football: Missouri at Georgia
The only thing happier than Uga got nothin’.

If you are in the midst of traveling or have to travel, we hope you are not having any issues - weather or otherwise - and arrive safe and sound at your destination. Concerning weather, Thanksgiving is an historically treacherous time because by late November, that ‘ol jet stream is quite active and dips from the higher latitudes often induces some nasty mid-latitude storm systems. On that note, what’s the forecast looking like over on the Flats when we take on the Nats? Right now, there’s only a marginal chance of some light rain as the tail-end of that big northeastern storm sweeps on through the Peach State (that we run, by the way). Comfortable temps in the low 60’s, too. Rumor has it, DawgNation will be packing Historic Mark Richt Field at Bobby Dodd Stadium, as always.

In the “we can’t have nice things” department, I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Lawrence Cager has suffered a significant ankle injury in Wednesday’s last practice in full pads. As of this writing, the severity has yet to be announced, but it does not sound good. I hate it for the team, but most of all, I hate it for Lawrence. I hope we don’t let this cast a pall over the SECCG game against LSU, but potentially losing #15 is a big, big blow. We’ve got to have some guys grow up, step up and show out.

Cager wasn’t going to play against Tech anyway, so the plan was to work on the receiving corps anyway. It is what it is. C’mon, George Pickens. We need you, D Rob. Everyone.

Ironically, shortly before the Cager injury came to light, Seth Emerson over at The Athletic ($$) wrote a piece on Georgia’s goals, including staying healthy. Sigh...

Tech’s SB Nation site asks a question and gets the expected Tech responses. Does COFH matter? Yeah, why wouldn’t it. The only reason this rivalry lost its luster is because you decided to hire a coach with an outdated system that, while frustrating to defend, affected the ability for your team to recruit and consistently compete. Anyway, their obsession with us will and should continue into the future.

Georgia’s RIvals site has a nice piece on how Jake Camarda has become a field-flippin’ weapon after a shaky first half of the season.

If you’re a Georgia football player, prepping for a year-end game against a rival and trying to celebrate Thanksgiving has its share of challenges. Somehow, I think these fellas will cope.

Truth to the power...

I arrived home on Tuesday just in time to watch the last 10 minutes of the Georgia-Michigan State basketball game, smack in the middle of Georgia’s impressive but ultimately failed come-back. This game could be the catalyst for a special season. Once these guys start to gel a bit more and figure out some things on defense, it’ll be fun to watch. If you can, get to the Stegosaurus early and often. “Ant Man” is something special, but his supporting cast ain’t too shabby, either. I’m dating myself here, but I was a freshman when Dominique Wilkins was a freshman. In fact, we had an over-flow English class together in the basement of Park Hall and he sat next to me (actually, I sat next to him). It’s been stated here before, but this is the most exciting player in over a generation. I hope to see him in Red ‘n Black before it’s too late.

Edit: The Legend grows...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

As Always, GO DAWGS!