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Wednesday Dawg Bites Misses Larry

University Of Georgia Bulldogs Football

Good morning, fellow Tech haters.

Folks, I’ve been missing Larry. I fell down a YouTube wormhole the other night and started going back through the calls that we all know and love. Whenever I do that I always come back to the final drive in the 2006 game against Tech. The Dawgs went on a march that took almost ten minutes in real time, and miraculously enough, there were no timeouts or reviews that stopped the action. In many ways it was Larry’s last great call. His eyes were working well that evening, and with the Bulldogs down 12-7 he captured the angst of the moment like only he could.

As this season has gone along, I have found myself thinking about Larry a lot. I always wonder what his call would have sounded like when the Bulldogs score a big win, but there is something about this season in particular that feels particularly Munson-esque. All these late stands by the defense might have killed him, but he would’ve had us hunkered down in the process. Part of me knows he would’ve taken this gritty brand of Georgia Football and made it seem a little more beautiful. Part of me believes his angst would have served as the well-needed voice of panic in the James Coley era. It feels like we all have to worry a bit more without Larry around to do it for us.

Without Munson we are left to tweet and comment while pondering if this offense can get on track enough to give our defense the points it’s going to need against LSU next weekend. I could write 10,000 more words about the things I wish Larry had been here to do this week. However, on this Thanksgiving Eve I am damn glad that I go to grow up with Larry Munson. Most of all, I am damn glad to be a Bulldog.

Now here’s what’s happening in the Bulldog Universe...

The Basketball Bulldogs washed out of Maui with a 0-2 record, but Anthony Edwards put all of college basketball on notice first. Edwards put up 37 on the 3rd-ranked Michigan St Spartans, leading the Dawgs on a furious comeback from down 28 points. The effort from “Antman” and the Dawgs impressed Michigan St coach Tom Izzo. This team is going to be fun, and they learned yesterday that they can play with anyone in the country. Get your popcorn ready.

The Dawgs are still #4 in the latest College Football Playoff standings. The standings held fairly steady for the second week in a row, but Ohio St did jump LSU for the top spot. Former #6 team Oregon fell eight spots to #14 and Utah rose to #6. The truth is that all of this is window dressing right now for the Dawgs. Georgia’s day of reckoning will come next Saturday against LSU in Atlanta.

While we’re here, it feels pertinent to mention one more time that I hate Georgia Tech.

Lastly, Kirby Smart wants to see his team “stomp on other people’s throats” when they get ahead in games. I think all of Dawg Nation shares that sentiment, and Saturday should be the perfect opportunity for this team to show that they can finish an opponent.

I hope that you folks spend Thursday filled with good food while enjoying the people and things that you love. If you or yours are traveling around this week then please be safe. The World needs all the DGD’s it can get. I have a lot to be grateful for, and the opportunity to be a part of this community is one of them.

Thank God I’m not a Yellow Jacket.