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Shirt Alert: The one you can wear to any Waffle House you please

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NCAA Football: The Citadel at Georgia Tech
Want a loss to an FCS team to somehow not be the low point of your season? This is Georgia Tech! You can do that!
Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

Geoff Collins came to Georgia Tech promising to change the culture. To make the Jackets Atlanta’s college football team.

He took 3,817 Waffle House selfies.

There was dancing in the weight room, singing in the locker room.

And a loss to The Citadel.

You gotta give him credit, a loss to an FCS team running the flexbone is indeed a real shift from life under Paul Johnson.

This year celebrate Clean, Old-fashioned Hate with BreakingT’s homage to the new, improved 3 win culture on the Flats:

It’s a message your Ramblin’ Wreck-loving computer engineer neighbors and coworkers will certainly understand and appreciate. Buy them one, too. It’s the season of giving, after all.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!