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Rating The Three Keys

Once gain, another similar path to victory

Texas A&M v Georgia Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

To quote famed short-lived minor league pitcher Nuke Laloosh, “I love winning,,,it;s better than losing!”

Georgia did indeed win on Saturday. The lack of ease of it, most certainly made many come away from the win with trepidation.

Here’s how the keys to the win were met.

Interior Blocking

One look at the weather forecast for Saturday (it’ll be rather wet), and it’ll give you some not so good flashbacks to the Kentucky game where Georgia’s efforts to thrown were non-existent.

As good as Georgia’s pass-blocking has been this year, it’s been as inconsistent, especially between the tackles. Assuming James Coley once again defines insanity by doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, Georgia’s banged up offensive line will have to overpower A&M’s linebackers up front, and the blocking of Eli Wolf and Charlie Woerner will also be under the microscope.

Let’s just say that many thoughts on this can’t repeated in front of my children. Georgia didn’t gain much ground between the tackles, and it was not until late in the game that D’Andre Swift broke 100 yards. Pass-blocking wise? A&M exposed some things up front, sacking Jake Fromm twice.

Georgia was held to 260 total yards and was actually outgained by 14 yards. With Georgia’s talent, that’s inexcusable.

Don’t turn it over

Another area that becomes more crucial due to the weather. With the Aggies ability run it both out of the backfield and with Kellen Mond’s scrambling ability, Georgia can’t afford to shorten drives with turnovers. The strategy to score just enough works well, as long as you don’t live in that margin for error and get burned...see the South Carolina game.

Georgia has an offense that isn’t out there to win game,s but is on the field not to lose games. That plan worked again on Saturday as no turnovers by Georgia occurred.


For three quarters in Auburn, it was Georgia’s best game of the season..until the fourth quarter. Facing an underdog, the Dawgs need to finish them off and not let the Aggies hang around.

Same song as Notre Dame, Florida and Auburn. Put enough points up and hope it holds as the opposing team runs out of time late. At some point soon, that plan has to backfire doesn’t it?

Go Dawgs!