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First Quarter Open Thread

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Georgia Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia is playing host to #24 Texas A&M on a rainy Senior Day afternoon in Athens.

This one has a very “2012-2014 Missouri” vibe to it. You may recall that the Tigers from the good Columbia took on the Bulldogs in a series of anticipated games soon after joining the SEC. The result was a total of one win for Mizzou. On paper every one of those games should have been a nail biter for the Athenians. Except the 2013 game in which a #25 ranked Missouri came to Athens and upset the #7 ranked Bulldogs 41-26 behind a late push from freshman backup quarterback Maty Mauk and two Aaron Murray interceptions.

This game feels that way because A&M is a good football team that’s played some of its best football in recent weeks. Perhaps the ‘Dawgs prove I was worrying for nothing, and demonstrates the difference between a solid team and a title contender by downing their third top 25 opponent in a row. Or, well, let’s not even consider the alternate.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!