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Season 4 Volume 11: Texas A&M

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 16 Georgia at Auburn Photo by Jeffrey Vest/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Biggest Takeaways from Auburn

· Quick Toss- you can’t run it every down, but its been so damn successful. I think every time weve run this play has been a 1st down or more. This is the direction Georgia’s offense needs to move in. Give our playmakers an advantage over aggressive defenses stacking the box. Whether it’s getting them to the perimeter quicker or designing misdirection or blocking schemes to break them loose, we need more of it.

· Malik Herring- Herring has flown under the radar a bit because he hasn’t made massive sacks or TFLs. However, he has been one of the best players on this defense this year, especially as of late. He had by far the highest PFF rating against Auburn.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

· Camarda- field position game was massive against Auburn and Camarda may have won us the game on several occasions. Now the question is, will it stay consistent or will the next boot be a 20 yard shank

· Shots- love how many long down the field shots we took against Auburn. When you play a really talented defense its hard to sustain drives (3 and out central). You need chunk plays to convert would be FGs into touchdowns. They may not come back in a rain storm this week but our offense needs big plays to score in the high 30’s.

· Jermaine Johnson and Tyrique Stevenson- huge play by JJ to stick his hand directly on the ball and rip it from Nix. Another big sack for Tyrique Stevenson. These are kids with 1st round talent. If they fully put it together in combination with the rest of this defense, sheeeeesh. This defense is going to be even better next year.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Problems @ Auburn

· Foot off the gas- its due to our bend don’t break style but we really have not figured out how to step on someone’s neck. I won’t complain this week because we got the W against a top 15 team but it will bite you at some point

· 3rd Down personnel- I sat screaming at the TV when we trotted out a passing personnel of Charlie Woerner, D Rob, Kearis and Tyler Simmons on most of our 3rd downs. It wasn’t so much the play calls but the lacking personnel that made it tough to convert many of our 3rd down attempts. All of those guys individually (except Tyler Simmons, he gone) are good players, but that group isn’t going to convert frequently

· Soft Coverage- Georgia is at its best when it plays tight man coverage. We may get beat deep a few times, but we certainly won’t give up as many 10-15 yard slants as we did in our soft zone late against Auburn. Be aggressive and make someone prove they can beat you with a big play before sagging off

Texas A&M Preview

This game makes me nervous. I have no doubt that Georgia will be fully prepared to play this game. Kirby Smart has coached with Jimbo Fisher and knows how dangerous his teams can be. This one won’t be overlooked with so little room for error, but I think a huge determining factor will be the rain. Georgia has already showed a one-dimensional offense in a storm. If it’s at all possible, we play even more conservatively in the rain. That’s great against a Kentucky team with a slot receiver at QB but it’s a much taller task against A&M. I am worried that if the weather makes Georgia a rush only offense, we may have trouble pacing A&M’s offense which has shown the capability of being very strong from both a run/pass perspective as of late. Add in the fact that Kellen Mond serves as another dangerous runner and you have a dangerous. I am not sure the same tactics that have made Georgia’s defense successful in the past, such as havoc and pressure, will be as effective against a veteran like Mond. I honestly think Georgia needs to play more conservatively on defense to start the game and feel out Fisher’s plan of attack for Mond. This means more spys (Adam Anderson), more men in coverage and less manufactured pressures early in the game. I think this game will be defined by big plays and if Georgia can avoid the big mistakes, I think we walk away with a comfortable win. On offense, we need multiple formations, multiple backs and varied run schemes. If we learned one thing from Kentucky offensively, it was that the more eye candy you give a defense to handle, the more successful you will be in the run game. This will be another grind it out, don’t make a mistake type game. Just please show some dynamic run looks instead of static shotgun up the butt. Dawgs 21 Aggies 17

Bucky’s Easy Money of the Week

Last Week: 4-1

2019: 25-25

Overall: 115-106-3, 52% win percentage

1. TCU vs Oklahoma (-18): OU

2. Penn St vs Ohio St (-18.5): Penn St

3. SMU vs Navy (-3.5): Navy

4. Michigan St (-21) vs Rutgers: Michigan St

5. Texas A&M vs Georgia (-13.5): A&M