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Dawg Bites Needs Everyone to Get Their Mind Right

So, we’ve won the East. Well, “whoop dee (Redacted) doo!” We’ve still got work to do on Saturday.

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South Carolina v Texas A&M
I’m not asking you to hate this fluffy dog and nice cadet forever. Just for a few hours on Saturday.

Over at our SB Nation sister site, “Good Bull Hunting,” they’re poking fun at us. Seriously. This is some egregious stuff. Uga with a cone on his head? No sir, this just won’t do. Some of their participants suggest we’re, perhaps, a bit apathetic about this Saturday. I hope not. As it stands this morning, this is what’s at stake:

  • One of 4 College Football Playoff teams with a chance at greater glory.
  • A participant in a yet to be determined New Year’s Six bowl.
  • Planning an Orlando “vacation,” with reservations at the Motel 6, exit 17 near Kissimmee.

The last time the Aggies came callin’ was the 2nd game of the 1980 season, my freshman year. We won the Natty a few months later. Is there any correlation? Probably not, but we’ll never find out unless we whip ‘em this year.

Summer, 1980. The look on my face? I’ll never forget it. I just saw my schedule. Latin 101 at 7:50 A.M.
DtD Industries, LLC

My God, time flies. Enjoy every sandwich.

It is for this very reason that I am pleading with everyone to quit fawning over YouTube clips of our victory over Florida and Auburn for now. You’ve got to put this behind you, put your HBTFD shirts on, and get on the mother.

We’ve got some hatin’ to do, and time is getting short. Texas A&M is coming to town and they don’t suck. This squad has played a tough slate to date and it doesn’t get any easier, with a trip to Baton Rouge next week. They’d love nothing more than to poop in our Wheaties on Saturday...and the weather forecast is looking a bit wet as a cold front will move through NE Georgia during the day, and with it rain. We appeal to Meteos - god of weather, cousin of Excessivus, to do us a solid and lessen the precipitation during a certain 4-hour window. In Erk’s name we pray, amen.

Now that you all know your task at hand, on to some tiddly bits and newsy notes.

TAMU’s 247 site previews our offense, calling us “inconsistent.” I take exception. We are actually very consistent in our inconsistencies. We haven’t changed all season. Haven’t they been paying attention?

Why have we been so inconsistent? A lot of folks are pointing a steely finger towards our offensive coordinator. Some are pointing towards Jake Fromm. Perhaps it’s more about the learning curve that all the receivers have gone through and are going through - and trust. Are they about to gel? I hope so. Time is running out. Still, if they were to suddenly figure some things out this would be the right time to do it.

Georgia’s Rivals site has a Wednesday recap. The comparison between last year’s receiver corp and this year’s is very interesting.

The Dallas Morning News has a nice preview, highlighting that Dawg Defense.

I guess those noon-time basketball games between Jimbo Fisher and Kirby Smart must’ve been the point where name calling has commenced.

Stewart Mandel over at The Athletic (pay $ wall) defends Georgia’s #4 CFP ranking, citing strength of schedule and a dominating defense. Think of the possibilities if those receivers of ours actually do begin to gel?

I did not get to see Georgia notch their 5th win in a row against Tech last night, but I followed along as best as I could. We’ve got a nice thing brewing, methinks. How ‘bout THEM Dawgs?

Enjoy your morning, err’body. Don’t leave the last donut in the box with a bite mark in it. That’s what Dan Mullen would do.

As Always, GO DAWGS!