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The National View Week 12

Can the Georgia Bulldogs make the Playoffs?

NCAA Football: Georgia at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

The Bulldog Faithful has a long, storied history of “Munsoning.” For those weaned to the sounds of the unequaled Larry Munson, the notion of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory must be ever-present or we just don’t feel right. The question on everyone’s mind week in and week out this season will be, did Georgia help or hurt their chances of making it to the playoffs? That question isn’t likely to be answered inside the Dawgosphere, so I thought I’d wander about the interwebs and see what the larger College Football Media has to say. After all, the National Sports Media likely has more influence over the Committee than the Dawgosphere does.

Opponent’s Home Media The Auburn Plainsman: ’The little things matter’: Auburn falls short in 21-14 loss to No. 4 Georgia

“It was just too little, too late.”

24/7 Sports: Report Card: Georgia defeats Auburn 21-14

“It was a true team win. The defense played lights out early and allowed the offense to build a lead and then the defense was able to come up with the biggest stops when it needed them the most. But improvement is needed without question.”

ESPN: College Football Playoff rankings: Race for No. 4 spot heats up

“According to the Allstate Playoff Predictor, Georgia now has a 42% chance to make the CFP and currently ranks fifth. If Georgia wins out, including a win in the SEC championship game, the Bulldogs would have an 88% chance to make the CFP. If Georgia loses in the SEC title game, it would fall out and make room for a great debate.”

CBS Sports: Georgia vs. Auburn score, takeaways: Dawgs hold off late rally, clinch third straight SEC East title

“Georgia deserves to be mentioned as the team that passes the eye test better than nearly everybody in the country, and yet it seems to get overlooked. Why, because defense isn’t sexy? It should be. This Georgia defense is one of the most impressive units in the country and deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as the offenses at LSU, Ohio State, Oklahoma and Alabama.”

Yahoo News: No. 4 Georgia hangs on to beat No. 12 Auburn, clinch SEC East

“Georgia’s chances at the College Football Playoff are alive and well. And its chances of making the SEC championship game are at 100 percent.”

Last week, I wondered if the Committee would put Georgia ahead of Alabama or vice versa? When the only rankings that matter came out on Tuesday, the Committee had Georgia in the #4 slot. Nothing that happened this weekend should result in a major change in that ranking. The comments this weekend in the National media seem to suggest a belief that Georgia belongs in the Playoffs if they can beat LSU in the SECCG and maybe even if they cant. CBS says we pass the eye test better than nearly everybody. That’s some awfully high praise for our boys. The facts are the same as they were several weeks ago, win out and we go to the playoffs. The only thing that’s changed is we may still get in with a close loss to LSU. Is it a stretch to believe the committee will take a 2 loss Georgia over a 1 loss Alabama that’s missing Tua? Absolutely. I’d much prefer the Dawgs take care of business on the field. Our strength of schedule is still better than Alabama and the Committee is certainly showing a preference for our better wins (over 3 top teams) than our one loss that’s worse.