This past weekend was probably the most defining weekend of college football we have seen this year. Baylor, Baylor, broke my heart. You were supposed to beat Oklahoma and then lose to them in the Big-12 Championship Game. LSU was shown to have a weakness, Ohio State and Clemson did what they have done all season…bEAT up on Cupcakes. UGA proved, once again, you don’t play not to lose. Minnesota was exposed, Penn State re-deemed a little. Enough of the intro. Here is Week 12’s Top 11

1. LSU: About the only thing keeping LSU in this spot is their schedule. Definitely the hardest of the unbeatens, but Ole Miss is still logging rushing yards. Joe Burrow displayed that he is human and can be fallible. Texas A&M may hang around for a half, but LSU should enter the SEC Championship Game Undefeated and still #1 in the nation.

2. The OSU: OSU was supposed to crush Rutgers by a historic 52.5 points…whelp that didn’t happen, instead it was only 35. Maybe all the trans fats and cholesterol in that the cupcake of a schedule is starting to catch up? With Penn State and Michigan remaining we may see the Buckeyes tested and maybe bested???

3. Clemson: A few weeks ago, the talking heads and finally agreed that Clemson, while munching on cupcakes, was not deserving of a top 4 ranking, and bumped them all the way down to 5. That appears to have awakened the Tigers from South Carolina. You can’t blame Clemson that the ACC is horrible this year, but you can punish them for struggling against Duke and their OOC scheduling.

4. Georgia: The Defense is REAL. Above ELITE. Until they start playing NOT TO LOSE. Which is what they did this weekend on the plains of Auburn. Holding the WarTiglePlains whatever’s scoreless for 50 minutes and surrendering 14 points in less than 10 but can’t lay the fault on the Defense. They were on the field for about 30 of those initial 50 minutes. UGA’s offense did what they have done SEVERAL times this season…score just enough NOT TO LOSE (unlike what they did not do against South Carolina). A challenge next weekend with A&M coming to Athens, but UGA should go into Atlanta 11-1.

5. Alabama: How bad will the arrogance and stupidity of Saban cost the Crimson Tide? We will not know until the last weekend of November, because Alabama still has a fat, tasty cupcake this late in the season. I left them ranked over the rest of 1 loss due to the difficulty called the SEC and the way they have played to date, but the loss of Tua has pretty much removed the hope of the playoffs for Bama…Unless they burn a certain player brother’s red-shirt. Will Saban’s arrogance cost a redshirt year?

6. Oregon: Zero quality wins and what is turning into an Ugly loss at a neutral site against 3-loss Auburn. I know UGA’s loss was uglier, but they have a much higher Strength of Schedule and QUALITY wins to make that loss a little less effective. Probably the best chance for a 1-loss team to make the CFP, but Utah may have something to say about that in the Pac-12 CG.

7. Oklahoma: I think I called Baylor’s ranking here a few weeks ago a placeholder until this week…Well that was Nostradamus level projecting on my part. Baylor played hard, but lost wind at the end and Oklahoma stays with one loss and still in talking distance of the CFP. Don’t think they will quite get there, but DOMINATING TCU, AND OK STATE and a statement in the Big-12 CG could make it interesting

8. Utah: Dominating performance over UCLA and more importantly, stifling a potent offense. Utah is like an SEC-lite version team playing in the PAC. GOOD Defense in an offense manic league. If everything plays out the PAC-12 CG should feature a high-flying Duck O versus a Strong Ute’s D. Defense win championships.

9. Penn State: Drops in my polls, better performances by other 1-loss teams, compared to a struggle bus victory against Indina…next week looks ugly for a Penn State team that seems to be stumbling to the finish line this season. The Lions of Nittany should finish a strong 3rd in the B1G, but unless they can knock off OSU, CFP is a dream.

10. Florida: Took care of business against Mizzou in the good Columbia of the SEC. Last game in two weeks against the skeletal remains of an FSU program that is begging for a head coach. Hate to say it but Florida has overachieved this season given all the transfer portal activity. Best two loss team in America and would have ruled the ACC this year. Hey John Swofford, do you want to trade to boost your conference a little. The SEC may be willing to talk, but you are going to have to cough up some cash in lieu of talent.

11. Wisconsin: Silently trying to reach the B1G CG. Beating Purdue and Minnesota will see them facing OSU, with an opportunity to avenge a regular season loss and throw the CFP is full panic mode. The Indiana loss will hurt in the boardroom, but who would not like to see the B1G left out of another CFP…LOLOLOL

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