Auburn loss, Tamu challange !

Yikes, Time to regroup for A+M. Please, no more prevent defenses, let's stick with man to man. Yes I agree, when you have built a good lead it probably is not a good idea to change what got you the lead. Who ever invented the "PREVENT DEFENSE' any way ? I'm sure it worked in a few games a long time ago but I don't see anybody stepping forward to claim credit for it.

A+M is just as good as Auburn, but with a MUCH tougher schedule that gave them their losses. There can be no let up for Texas A+M.(They actually beat USC). Sorry that was uncalled for. But A+M would like finish the season with a nice win against UGA and they are not going to get it against LSU 2 weeks from now. Let's get off to a fast start and create HAVOC for them !


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