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First Quarter Open Thread

Missouri Tigers v Georgia Bulldogs Photo by Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images

To me this feels a lot like a game that either James Coley or Bo Nix could lose.

Nix’s path to give this one away is pretty clear. He is a freshman quarterback suiting up against one of the most consistent, athletic defenses in the country. His margin for error on a play-to-play basis is going to be very thin.

Coleys danger is a little more subtle. As we saw in the Florida game, he is perfectly capable of calling an effective game. He didn’t simply forget everything he knew about the game before face in South Carolina.

The question will be if he is able to dial up a game plan that’s effective against an elite defense even if the Bulldogs are not executing plan A to perfection. Auburn has perhaps the best defensive line Georgia will face all season, and running inside zone concepts against them all day just is not an option. At the same time, Coley cannot get away completely from what his unit does, which to some extent is punish that front.

Can the UGA offense strike the delicate balance between maintaining an effective threat to RTDB, while also being opportunistic in the downfield passing game, and involving the backs on some throws? Can a banged up Georgia offensive line hold up against a deep, athletic unit on the other side of the ball?Frankly the answer to these questions may be what decides this afternoon’s contest.

This also feels like one of those games in which a couple of special teams plays could make the difference. If Georgia could kick seven field goals I’m not 100% certain they would not win this game 21-20. That’s not what I’m hoping for, but again, it just does not feel like this Auburn offense is going to score more than 20 on the bulldog defense without some help from turnovers, injuries, or special teams. Some competent offense of execution by Jake Fromm and Company might be all it takes to tip the balance.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!