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FanPulse: Apparently You Guys Are Psychic

We’ve managed to fill this week with a ton of Auburn hate, as is appropriate for this mid-November contest. It’s important to really put your foot into loathing the spirit of The Loveliest Little Village Full of Kids Who Couldn’t Get Into Either Georgia or Alabama (TM).

But before toe meets leather I thought you might enjoy this. By now you may have seen somewhere on the college football internet the results of SB Nation’s week 11 football FanPulse poll. It looks like this:

Pretty standard. We all love LSU and want Taylor Swift to hand Joe Burrow the Heisman before they duet on Islands in the Stream. Or maybe that’s just me. Whatever.

And Georgia Tech fans voted Georgia #12, one spot behind Florida, because they’re petty little people with an insecurity complex bigger than a triple order of Varsity onion rings. But again, you already knew that.

To me the best item of data comes when you compare the Dawg Sports rankings to the College Football playoff committee rankings.

They’re not identical, but they’re closer than the vast majority of fanbases. That could mean that all of you are homers who voted Georgia in for no reason other than bleeding red and black, and everything around that decision then just fell into place. Y’all do love Minnesota to a degree with which the committee might not agree. But hey, you beat a juggernaut like Georgia Southern (who beat App State, who beat South Carolina...) and that gives you a transitive victory over Florida and Notre Dame.

Or it could mean that some of you secretly are members of the College Football Playoff Committee. This would stand to reason. Most of you have had Alabama or Clemson fans violently angry at you at some point over the years so why not make a living out of it?

Or, for followers of college football mysticism, you’re collectively in touch with the gridiron universe in a way that allows you to travel through space and time to know the rankings two days before they came out. Sure. Let’s go with that one.

Going forward, Georgia faces Auburn this afternoon with a chance to pick off their third top 15 team of the season, which would be as many quality wins as anyone in the country not coached by Ed Orgeron.

Also, just because college football season will soon be coming to a close doesn’t mean that FanPulse will be going away. We’ve enjoyed the results so much we’re going to try it for basketball, too. So remember to sign up, vote early, and vote often.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!