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Chapel Bell Curve: This Mizzou Review Was Made For You!

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NCAA Football: Missouri at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Psssst. Hey kid. Wanna listen to a college football podcast chock full of statistical goodness? We got you.

Justin and Nathan are back to review Georgia’s 27-0 conference win over the Missouri Tigers, including:

• The good news: this Bulldog defense is verifiably elite. You should appreciate getting to watch them the way you savor a fine Cabernet.

• The bad news: The Georgia offense is, let’s say, “solidly above average.”

• Richard LeCounte, the Meryl Streep of safeties (TM).

• A gratuitous Varsity Blues reference.

• Just kidding, no Varsity Blues reference is ever gratuitous.

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Catch you in the Loveliest Little Post-Apocalyptic Outpost on the Plains this Saturday, but until then, Go Dawgs!