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Three Keys to Beating Florida

Georgia’s stars need to have a star effort

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

This was touched on a bit last week, but in some ways for the fan bases of Georgia and Florida. an extra week to wait before the matchup, especially with higher stakes this year, was pure on torture.

The wait for Saturday afternoon is about as bad as Super Bowl Week. There’s no angle of this matchup that has not been exhaustively combed over. In a way, it’ll be a relief when these two teams can finally get going.

Of course, what is at stake is obvious. SEC and CFP implications, ownership of the rivalry and the continued upper hand for Georgia and Kirby Smart in the rivalry.

What does Georgia need to do in order to win? Here’s three keys to it

“Run with vigor and gusto. If they’re not available, run alone. But run, run, run!!”

The Erk Russell quote fits this week given his legendary status, dislike of Florida and...

The fact is this. Throw all the finesse out the window, and this game boils down to running the ball. The team that wins usually rushes for more yards, and Georgia will need to do that. James Coley has shown that he is not shy about giving D’Andre Swift plenty of touches. Ensuring success in those touches, however, will be the bigger factor. If Georgia’s run-blocking wins the day, Georgia wins the game.

Also, Fromm

You get the feeling, especially after the last two games, that Fromm is hungry to play big on a large stage. It’s not a fair narrative that Fromm’s play in the second half of Georgia’s big-stage losses gets more attention than his overall body of work, but college football is an unfair world. Fromm will need to make passes to loosen up Florida’s defense and also minimize negative plays against a swarming Gators defense, namely its front seven.

Disrupt Trask

Kyle Trask has shown an ability to make throws under pressure, but Georgia can do a lot to disrupt that by applying heavy pressure and collapsing the pocket. If Georgia does that, it’ll force Florida to run and make the Gators one-dimensional.

Go Dawgs!