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Your Week 7 College Football TV Schedule

Brought to you by former Georgia football lettermen and their bouts with temporary insanity...

Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

This week, there are quite a number of interesting matchups to occupy your Saturday. There are ranked on ranked matches and rivalry games and also the Dawgs chowing down on some of that good, good chicken. Still, I can’t help but feel a little let down by this slate. It’s probably because Florida/LSU is the primetime feature and I think Florida is wildly overrated (Note: Based exclusively on watching their games and not my general disdain for the team or its fans, school, city, and state). Anyway, it should still be pretty good. Let’s go:

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Now for the most intriguing games in each time slot:


Appalachian State Mountaineers @ Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns, 8:00 pm, ESPN2

A pretty solid Sun Belt contest. It would get lost on Saturday, but college football on a Wednesday night? I’ll take it.


Syracuse Orange @ NC State Wolfpack, 8:00 pm, ESPN

Yikes! Not what you want to see out of a mid-season Thursday night lineup. Maybe read a book or something...


Colorado Buffaloes @ #13 Oregon Ducks, 10:00 pm, FS1

Come on, Coach Tucker!!!


South Carolina Gamecocks @ #3 Georgia Bulldogs, 12:00 pm, ESPN

#6 Oklahoma Sooners @ #11 Texas Longhorns, 12:00 pm, FOX

I had to go with two here. Because, as much as I’m going to enjoy steamrolling Coach Boom, it’s difficult not to recommend a Top 10 Oklahoma and a Top 15 Texas and all the hatred therein.


#1 Alabama Crimson Tide @ #24 Texas A&M Aggies, 3:30 pm, CBS

I very much doubt the Crimson Tide have anything to fear here, but the 3:30 slot is actually the most unexceptional of the day. That is, of course, unless you are a massive AAC fan... in which case you’ve got the Cincinnati Bearcats and the Houston Cougars over on ESPN2. So, cool, I guess?


#7 Florida Gators @ #5 LSU Tigers, 8:00 pm, ESPN

As I’ve said previously, I don’t think this will be much of a game. All I ask of my friends at Tiger Stadium is that you try not to blackout too early in the second half. If this one does get out of hand, USC/Notre Dame and Penn State/Iowa are viable alternatives.

Late Night

Hawaii Rainbow Warriors @ #14 Boise State Broncos, 10:15 pm, ESPN2

The OG non-power conference contenders face off in a battle of titans. Say what you want about the Broncos and the Rainbow Warriors, they said they deserved a place at the table... but they never claimed a championship they didn’t win. At any rate, Hawaii is at the top of the Mountain West West (there had to be a better name suggested) at 4-1 and the Broncos are leading the Mountain West Mountain (That’s no better) at 5-0. Should be fun.

That’s all for this week, folks. Until next time...