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FanPulse Week Six: No crazier than last week, we’re calling that a win.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 05 Georgia at Tennessee
And if you like fish and grits and eatin’ glazed ham, everybody just rank Texas A&M!

Once again voters from across the SB Nation family of sites have voted on the best college football teams in the land.

Once again the top of that poll makes a lot of sense.

And the bottom looks like, well, it’s either performance art or monkeys throwing hand grenades. Or sheer boredom. But more on that in a moment.

Alabama and Clemson both triumphed over the Fighting Byes and remain #1 and #2. Ohio State’s 34-10 victory over Michigan State was apparently more impressive than Georgia’s 43-14 win over Tennessee, and the Buckeyes are your new #3, with the Bulldogs checking in at #4.

At this point everyone seems to be ranking the right undefeated teams based on regional preference, style points, and perhaps uniform quality. It’s hard to say exactly what criteria is in play, and it’s even harder to say whether LSU’s carpet bombing of Utah State was more or less impressive than Wisconsin’s 48-0 bludgeoning of Kent State. Let’s just all agree that you can pretty much put those top eight in your preferred order at this point and probably make a decent argument for it.

After that it all remains a giant sprawling mess. There are mid-major undefeateds Like SMU and Memphis. Many voters felt the need to recognize that. Others apparently are giving Texas A&M credit for their tough losses to highly ranked Auburn and Clemson.

Washington’s in there at #18 following a pretty embarrassing loss to Stanford and I can’t begin to explain why. The only thing worse is two loss UCF at #23. Again, it could be fanbases bent on anarchy, the Boaty McBoatface of college football polling. But I suspect fans are not paying a whole lot of attention to what’s going on outside the top ten. I wouldn’t get too wrapped up in it.

A few notes of interest to UGA fans:

Georgia Tech fans once again rank Georgia lower than any other fan base, #8 this week. Their envy and hatred continues to be the thing I most look forward to about this enterprise. I’m surprised they didn’t rank Temple #1.

Alabama, Auburn, and Florida fans all have the ‘Dawgs at #3. Tennessee fans, having seen the Athenians up close, rank the Bulldogs #2. You all also ranked Georgia #2 (I personally ranked them #3).

Only one fan base has Ohio State ranked #1. It’s Ohio State. I’m sure you’re shocked.

Every SEC fan base voted Alabama #1. Somewhat surprisingly, so did Clemson fans.

I’m finally at peace with the notion of “top 8 Florida”, mainly because I known only have to live with it for five days. Until later...

Go ‘‘Dawgs!!!