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The National View: Week 6

It’s never a bad thing to whip an Orange SEC Team on their home turf.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Tennessee Bryan Lynn-USA TODAY Sports

The Bulldog Faithful has a long, storied history of “Munsoning.” For those weaned to the sounds of the unequaled Larry Munson, the notion of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory must be ever-present or we just don’t feel right. The question on everyone’s mind week in and week out this season will be, did Georgia help or hurt their chances of making it to the playoffs? That question isn’t likely to be answered inside the Dawgosphere, so I thought I’d wander about the interwebs and see what the larger College Football Media has to say. After all, the National Sports Media likely has more influence over the Committee than the Dawgosphere does.

Opponent’s Home Media: Knoxville News Sentinel No. 3 Georgia 43, Tennessee 14: Bulldogs shred UT Defense; Brian Maurer makes first start

Jake Fromm Dazzles… Fromm continues to smoothly execute Georgia’s offense. He enjoyed good pass protection and took advantage to complete 24 of 29 passes for 288 yards and two touchdowns.”

24/7 Sports: Report Card: Georgia surges past Tennessee 43 - 14

“Georgia had a fight on their hands Saturday night in Neyland Stadium but it was the team in red and black that eventually delivered the knockout blow.”

ESPN: College Football Playoff Pics

“No. 3 Georgia rolled past Tennessee 43-14, as quarterback Jake Fromm threw two touchdown passes and the Bulldogs’ defense blanked the Volunteers in the second half.”

CBS Sports: Georgia Shakes Sluggish Start in Knoxville

“Georgia rallied to reel off 33 unanswered points in a 43-14 rout of Tennessee.”

Yahoo News: Fromm helps No 3 Georgia trounce Tennessee

“The Bulldogs made some uncharacteristic mistakes early but eventually wore Tennessee down by controlling possession for 36-plus minutes. It helps to have a quarterback the caliber of Fromm, who hasn’t thrown an interception all season. Georgia still hasn’t allowed a touchdown run all season.”

When 24/7 Sports, ESPN, CBS & Yahoo reference our game as a “knockout blow”, ”rolled past”, “rout,” and “trounce” respectively, I think Georgia did enough this weekend.