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Friday Dawg Bites Is Here To Hustle

NCAA Football: Sugar Bowl-Georgia vs Texas Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Unlike a certain outfielder for a professional baseball team in the greater Cobb County region, Dawg Bites is here to hustle all the way to the end of the week leading into Saturday night’s game at Tennessee.

Tennessee secret head coach athletics director Phil Fulmer has given Jeremy Pruitt the dreaded vote of confidence. Fulmer may say he is done coaching..but the knife marks across Johnny Majors’ back say to never rule any of those intentions out.

The Banner-Herald takes a closer look at Trey Hill’s growth into his role at center for Georgia. Let’s be honest - was there any doubt that Jake Fromm’s center in Houston County would not end up in Athens if Kirby...and Fromm wanted him?

How much will Solomon Kindley and Tyson Campbell be able to do on Saturday? Kirby is not giving away any clues.

Herschel running over Bill Bates will get lots of air time this week...but grossly underrated was Sean Jones’ scoop and score in 2003. It turned the game fully in Georgia’s hands and some can argue, Georgia’s control in the series. Plus - few things beat UT’s fans being rendered lifeless enough to not show much enthusiasm for a certain bluegrass song as the game continued.

Go Dawgs!