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Chapel Bell Curve: Florida Hate Week 2019

No need to be clever here. Just hate Florida and

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University of Georgia Campus
Ring the bell, it’s a good day when you can hate Florida. (Every day is a good day, is what I’m saying)
Photo by John Powell/Replay Photos via Getty Images

Get your minds right. That’s the basic message we’ve got for you this week. But we know that real focus takes both concentrated exertion of will, and the ability to relax when you need to . To that end, we present for you something familiar and something new.

First, Justin interview Bulldog great Matt Stinchcomb, who is a better co-host than me. This is the episode you should listen to when your anger starts to interfere with your Blood Pressure readings. Highlights include:

  • Matt wanted to be Han Solo when he grew up (same, honestly)
  • Justin and Matt talk about what they love about Athens
  • Matt gives us insight into what it takes to be a Division 1 Student-Athlete, and also give back to the community.
  • Matt’s insight into the traditions of the WLOCP.
  • Some football insight from Matt.

Next, once you’ve calmed down and are ready to rage at the down-south saurians, we bring you our Florida preview. Highlights include:

  • We cuss on this one a lot. Is it a highlight? I don’t know. I’m just saying that it happened.
  • An incredibly predictable rant from Nathan about UF fans’ hypocrisy.
  • A slightly less predictable rand from Nathan about Medieval Christianity’s influence on the modern Western Canon, and narrative writ-large.
  • Like, a ton of stats man. Like seriously, so many of them.
  • Justin being befuddled and then finding some clarity on what these stats tell us.
  • The last bit is basically just rants.

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