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Chapel Bell Curve: Have You Hated Tennessee Today?

Hating Tennessee with literally reckless abandon, because who needs a listenership anyway?

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University of Georgia Campus
Ding dong, our sponsorship opportunities are dead.
Photo by John Powell/Replay Photos via Getty Images

The boys are back with their Tennessee Preview, and have baked this one up extra pissed-off just for you. The boys are also very ready for your politics-based 1-star Apple Podcast reviews. Highlights today include:

  • A Benghazi report reference. (yikes)
  • An in-depth breakdown of Georgia’s statistical profile a quarter of the way into the season.
  • Thoughts on the UT game (spoiler alert, we’re gonna win)
  • About 50 uses of the word “Unequivocally”
  • 5 - 10 minutes of unabashed Tennessee s*** talk.

Highlights do not, unfortunately, include:

  • The awesome #askcbc question we got about whether Hot Rod is a Daddy, a Zaddy, or both. The answer was not publishable on any public channel. (although our Patreon patrons got the full thing)

So give it a listen and a leave review here or at your finest podcast haberdasher. If you want to support a couple of stats Dawgs, check out our Patreon or our brand new Merch Store! We’ll catch you this weekend in Knoxvegas, but until then, GO DAWGS!!!