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Non-Gameday Morning Dawg Bites and Open Comment Thread

We can reach our destination, but we’re still a ways away...

Photo by: Universal Images Group via Getty Images

As you know, this is the second bye week. However, I see no reason why we shouldn’t continue with the Saturday activities and frivolity to which we’ve become accustomed. Perhaps the day can proceed with a bit less anxiety and stress than usual. And that’s a good thing, because you deserve a break. So I hope you can relax and take it easy while at the same time cherishing another fall Saturday (of which there are far too few remaining). In that spirit, I’m going to throw it over to the fellas:

Now, your Non-Gameday Morning Dawg Bites:

  • In case you somehow missed it, the Dawgs and Gators have extended their deal for the WLOCP to remain in Jacksonville to 2023 (with a 2025 option). I don’t really have an opinion on the matter personally. I’ve vowed never to return to Jacksonville having been to too many losses to count vs. zero wins. It’s either me (in which case, you’re welcome) or it’s just clear I shouldn’t be subjecting myself to this. So I guess my position comes down to “Anything that keeps a bunch of filthy Gator fans from flooding into the Classic City is ok by me.”
  • The Chattanooga Times Free Press has a nice profile of Tae Crowder... and y’all know I like a good profile.
  • I can categorically state that Dan Mullen hasn’t made me hate Florida any more than I already did (as such a thing would have required surpassing an already infinite amount), but I sure would enjoy it if the Dawgs could shut his mouth... if only for 3-4 hours.
  • Marc Weiszer breaks down some stats that may help us understand where we are and how we got here.
  • Speaking of stats, if you wanted to check in on Georgia’s 2019 statistical leaders on defense, Dawgs247 has you covered.
  • Finally, off the gridiron and on the hardwood, the Dawgs took on Charlotte in the final exhibition before the season begins. It doesn’t mean much, but as the audio broadcast pointed out, “if they’re keeping score, you want to win it.”

This is also your Gameday Morning Open Comment Thread. Let us know how you plan to spend the bye week and what you think about next week’s World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Macondawg will be back later on with open comment threads for the afternoon and evening games.

Until then...