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Three Keys to a Good Off Weekend

If off-field injuries could be avoided, that’d be tremendous

NCAA Football: Florida at Georgia Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia may not play Saturday.

But if you don’t think that somehow things could go badly, you know nothing about the pit of hell misery of being a fan of sports teams in this state, aside from the Atlanta United.

Here’s three keys to a successful open date for the Dawgs

Protect Fromm

Look, I could care less where or how Jake Fromm hunts or fishes. Whatever happens, he needs to stay safe. So if those around can prevent him getting snagged by a fish hook or a sprained ankle in the woods, that’d be tremendous.

Mind the Social Channels

Florida has enough motivation - heck it already has the preposterous notion that it’s been the better team the past two years. It doesn’t need anymore ammo from Georgia players saying anything regrettable on Twitter.

As many recall, players had a lot to say about being excluded from the CFP last year, aired those thoughts on Twitter and became an punchline with the Sugar Bowl result.

As Kirby says, “Keep the main thing the main thing.”

Something, something James Coley

There are a lot of bright offensive minds out there, many of which are not coaching. Let’s hope that James Coley gets some insight from at least one of long as that wisdom does not include Faton Bauta.

Have a great off weekend...and for gosh sakes, please avoid the brownies that are ‘questionable.”

Go Dawgs!