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Waiting’s The Hardest Part for Friday Dawg Bites

For now, the Banks of the St. Johns River Wait

NCAA Football: Florida at Georgia Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Off weeks before the WLOCP are an odd animal.

For the players and coaches, it’s nice - there’s more time to heal up and devise ways to get another win on the banks of the St. Johns River.

For the fans - its torture. The anxiety over whether or not this team can put all the pieces together, when we find out is this team is good or if it’s a hot mess, that wait is a week longer.

So we wait another week, which means on this Friday, there is no game to look toward tomorrow.

Still, there’s plenty to watch going into the weekend...

I once talked with the head coach at Mary Persons High School, who had a notable career at multiple schools and at a lot of games, who also noted jokingly, “I thought I was a good football coach before I moved to Forsyth.” His point was this...there’s pressure to win, but you thrive in that expectation. Georgia’s players, their part, know that they’re in a place where passionate fans exist, and that passion runs heavy at times.

Which brings us to....

Boo birds? They’re gonna boo bird if you ask Georgia players.

Yes, Florida has issues beyond its poor fashion decisions and being city in which the boil on humanity known as Sonny’s BBQ was born.

The Gators also get a few starters back in time to face Georgia.

In non-football news, a much-deserved overhaul at the Dan Magill Tennis Complex.

The Volley Dawgs are first in the SEC, tied with Ole Miss

Given how both teams have looked the past two weeks, look for the national pundits for pick against Georgia, much like they did against top-ranked Florida in 1985.

Go Dawgs!