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Chapel Bell Curve But it’s just Gif Memes

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University of Georgia Campus
Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for memes.
Photo by John Powell/Replay Photos via Getty Images

The boys are back, and out of respect for your nervous systems, still so shocked from 3 hours of inside zone read rage this Saturday, we’ll be providing episode highlights in GIF format only.

  • Nathan waxes poetic about Nora Ephron for whatever reason (It’s because he was thinking about the greatest romance of all time, Kylo and Rey from Star Wars):
“Someone is wrong on the internet about the fanfic I like”

  • Nathan talks about his Saturday:
It’s the 4th quarter and my companion is dead.
  • Nathan on the offense:
“Tendencies, predictability, jet motion” *eye twitch*
  • Justin’s role today:
*croons* “Deeeew it”
  • Nathan on the defense:
*Beard not included
  • The boys warm up the Florida hate train:
She’s wearing a CBC hoodie!

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