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Monday Morning ‘Dawg Bites: Kirby Smart and the worst hurricane party ever.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 19 Kentucky at Georgia

The birds are singing. The sun is shining. And even though Georgia isn’t going to score a first half point this coming Saturday, I’m kind of okay with it.

It’s Bye Week, Pt. Deux!

But before you slip off to catch up on the work to-do list or reacquaint yourself with family members you’ve been ignoring, let’s catch up on what’s catching eyeballs in Bulldog Nation.

Our friends at Banner Society have their weekly Top Whatever, the ranking of only those things that actually need ranking from the week in college football, including Georgia’s paleolithic 21-0 victory over Kentucky. Richard Johnson leads with what is simultaneously the scariest and most reassuring aspect of whatever it was that James Coley trotted out on Saturday night: the fact that this is the sort of thing Kirby Smart giddily enjoys. Good luck convincing the former defensive coordinator that a 21-0 win in which you surrender fewer than 200 yards of total offense is anything but college football’s version of the Mona Lisa. That’s the bad news.

At the same time, even Smart likely realizes that this isn’t the sort of thing he can afford to do every week. Past experience would lead us to believe that, barring the presence of a degrading tropical cyclone, Kirby will begrudgingly acknowledge that the past 90 years of college football actually happened. In short, there’s a valid argument that the weekend weather report gave Kirby the cover he needed to unleash his worst football instincts, but that even he understands that sort of plodding bacchanalia isn’t the sort of thing that you can do every weekend.

The Senator has his game thoughts posted and, much like our own DavetheDawg, reached the obvious conclusion that booing Georgia’s first half offensive performance didn’t accomplish what fans likely intended.

Personally, I get it. It’s not like anyone went to Sanford Stadium with a premeditated plan to jeer their own team. It was a spontaneous reaction to a frustrating product on the field. Let’s dispense with the notion that the people doing the booing were anything more than fans expressing their frustration in the moment. While we can quibble with their particular choice of outlet, I would argue that if you’re not frustrated with the Georgia offense right now you’re not paying attention.

That being said, I dearly hope that no one booing thought that it was going to do any good. Kirby Smart brushed the topic aside in his postgame remarks by noting that the fans pay their money to come to the game and have an opinion. The unspoken predicate to that is that their opinions by and large are worth less than last week’s unused Publix daily deal coupons. He honestly does not care that you think the offense is a train wreck. And James Coley, the man for whom even D’Andre Swift knows in his heart of hearts those boos were intended, doesn’t care about them as long as Kirby Smart is pleased with winning 21-0 SEC football games.

Like the University of Alabama’s most esteemed graduate, that’s all i have to say about that.

Now onto the lighter side

In case you missed it, you’re going to lose to Auburn if you do this.

Look Chad Morris, Mephisto is already giving his acolyte Gustopheles enough help without you lightening the odds.