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How the Dawgs Met The Keys to A Win

Stronger start helps lead to win

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Georgia
To quote Dikembe Mutumbo, “not in our house, not today”
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It was sloppy and less than inspiring on one side of the ball, especially, but Saturday night was still chalked up to a 21-0 Georgia win against Kentucky.

Going in, there were three areas that Georgia needed to do well in to have a good chance at a win. Here’s how that went:

Find the old Fromm

I’m not sure, and few will ever know, what in the wide, wide world of sports was going on with Jake Fromm last week (Yes, that was a Blazing Saddles reference). There’s no other way to say it - QB11 had his worst game as a Bulldogs, and something was off. He needs to get into a rhythm, connect on mid-range passes and not make mistakes.

When you look back at Jake Fromm’s career at Georgia in the future, Saturday night is not a game that’ll be canonized. Partially due to the weather conditions and also due to James Coley having the keys to a Ferrari and insisting on keeping it parked in the garage, Fromm was just 9-12 for 35 yards passing. In the rare moments in the second half when Georgia’s offense successfully executed ‘man ball,’ Fromm did step up when he needed to, connecting a key third-down pass to Georgia Pickens.

Be ready to play

Georgia the past two weeks has started slow. It dug itself out at Tennessee and never got away from the funk against South Carolina. The Bulldogs need an emphatic, kick UK in the mouth start and send a message.

Say this for Georgia - at least it did not dig itself in a hole this week. Did that have something to do with Kentucky not having a deep threat? Sure. Georgia’s defense outmatched Kentucky and played like it from the start.

On offense, Georgia’s playcalling appeared prepared to have run plays up the middle, and it showed.

Be Versatile

Lynn Bowden did a lot of good things for Kentucky last week, and Georgia will need to be ready for him, at QB or receiver. It’ll be critical for Georgia to adapt, coaching wise and on the field to what kind of looks and packages that the Wildcats employ.

As it happened, Bowden took the load for Kentucky on offense, and Georgia was ready for it- rarely letting him break contain and get outside. He did get 99 yards on the ground as the night went on. The Wildcats also did their best Paul Johnson offense impression, not having any passing yards until the fourth quarter. Part of that was impacted by Georgia’s defense, which limited Bowden to 2-of-15 passing, including turning the Wildcats scoring threat away in the second half near the goal line.

Go Dawgs!