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Friday Dawg Bites is getting ready for the elements

Saturday is ‘show me’ time for the Dawgs.

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Given all that happened last week, it’s not a stretch to say this is one of the most important pendulum swings of Georgia’s Kirby Smart regime.

No, we’re not talking job security, but if Georgia slops to an ugly win, the narrative becomes that Georgia is good, but not Bama and Clemson good and may not get there this year.

Then again, a lackluster win and having to hear how all the negative chatter for two weeks could play right into Georgia’s hands going to the WLOCP - similar to the Shawn Williams game.

If you’re headed to Athens, bring a pontoon boat to tailgate in. Good news is that, as of Thursday night, most of it looks to stay south of Athens and that most impact should be in the daytime and clear by kickoff. Safe travels to all Dawgs traveling North, and if you’re in the Southwest Georgia/ the Panhandle, be safe!

You kind of knew this was coming, but Nolan Smith continues to thrive even more as the season goes along for Georgia’s defense.

Georgia’s offensive line has had a lot of people tell it how great it is - heck, we’re guilty of it here at But the bottom is that this group has to perform

So what is Georgia’s offensive identity? That’s a good question, and the Red & Black takes a look at it.

Georgia prepares for the unknown as Lynn Bowden may or may not line up at QB for Kentucky.

And can you please bring back that jersey and red pants combo?

Go Dawgs!