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Kirby Smart Sensed DavetheDawg Wasn’t Ready to Write ‘Dawg Bites...

5-Star snark can only take you so far. Good writing “best practices” are no guarantee that the content is worthy of the reader’s time.

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Vintage Olivetti typewriter
My keys aren’t working.

I typically write my “Dawg Bites” entry on Wednesday night for a Thursday morning publishing. As I sit here contemplating what to craft, I can’t seem to get past this first sentence. It’s game-day and I’m totally having writer’s block.

I really had a good week of writing leading up to this moment. At work, I prepared a couple of reports for my boss detailing a big County project that involves millions of tax dollars and overhead costs. My Excel sheets were concatenated, pivot tables pivoting and hyperlinks to various pie charts would’ve made Sara Lee proud.

My concision in reporting the particulars regarding labor, materials and projected overruns have never looked better in MS Word. My form was good, diction even better.

Then, I realized I had to sit down last night and write about Georgia Football. Coach Smart has consultants everywhere, and evidently one saw me at my desk in obvious writer’s block agony because word has spread somehow. I was on fire during the week. Last night, I just wasn’t ready. My practice drafts were well constructed earlier, but now I can’t even execute a run-on-sentence. What happened? I realize I’ve been writing short stories all season without breaking out in long form. My verbs aren’t explosive. Adjectives are...predictable. I’m dangling participles on the back-end and getting burned. Don’t even get me started on nouns. I’ve got nothin’.

With this in mind, I hope you bear with me as I just punt today. All week long, I have efficiently moved the cursor between the margins just fine with my tabs on-point. Somehow, I’m piling up the words, but can’t seem to find the end of the manuscript (or, the page break). I’m even finding it hard to be offensive. If I could just disparage a rival once....but it ain’t happening. I was 5 for 0 when up against a deadline since late August, and had a ton of confidence although there were some warning signs that I wasn’t typing up to my potential, leaving way too many paragraphs on the table and not cleaning comma, splices. Yeah, there’s one now!

I promise to do better by this Saturday (my next deadline) as I have another report due that doesn’t look too daunting on paper. I can’t get caught looking ahead, since I have a bye week and then the biggest report of the season at the beginning of November. Surely I’ll get my mojo back, but this next deadline is less than 72 hours away. Am I feeling it? I’ve got to find the fire again. Must type better. I guess we’ll find out before 10 P.M. Saturday when all reports are due.

I don’t have much actual football content, although this newly revealed game film does speak volumes.

That’s not how you hunker.

Just kidding, err’body. Here’s some newsy notes and tiddly bits.

Here’s a “free-cap” from the good folks over at Rivals on Wednesday’s events.

Kearis Jackson, get ready for your close-up as someone must pick up the slack as Lawrence Cager is on the shelf this week.

Playoffs? Did someone say playoffs? Well, someone still believes there’s a chance...

You’re damned right Kentucky is gonna see some angry Dawgs on Saturday night.

I’m really glad Dom Blaylock didn’t stay a Kentucky fan for long. (We gotta get this kid some more touches).

Seth Emerson over at The Athletic never fails to write real good. ($$). Here’s his mid-season report.

That’s all I’ve got. We are in some interesting times. Georgia has absolutely no margin for error. Last year after losing to LSU, the Dawgs responded well up until the last quarter of the SECCG. This season, our proverbial tails are up against the wall. Time to cut loose. Let’s see how we respond in a few days...and beyond.

As always, GO DAWGS!