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Tuesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites Wants To Know The Truth

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 21 Notre Dame at Georgia Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome to Tuesday, Bulldog fans! In case you didn’t know, I spent my formative years in the 80’s (emotional development was thwarted during the same span). As such, I will try to bring you the best** music from this seminal decade that gave us the October 19 Black Monday on Wall Street.

Almost as deflating was the loss to South Carolina, in Athens no less. Coach Kirby Smart has protected his players, and his coaches, which is perfectly fine. And in his position it is the wise row to hoe. I’ll likely never know what goes down in position group meetings, or Sunday film review sessions with staff. That doesn’t mean that I will surrender questioning just what in the hell was going on Saturday: the miscues, the lack of O-line blocking, the poor passing game, the turnovers (and lack of creating them), etc. All I know is at times like this I get tired of coach-speak and toeing the company line. I want the truth, and don’t even think about telling me lies:

Every move you made before was never meant for real
Over my naivety is this how I should feel?

Looking back I realize it’s always been this way
We must note what has gone and never turn away

Now on to news and notes of the Georgia Bulldog variety:

The dissection of Saturday’s loss and the perceived systemic issues continues in Bulldog nation, and not everyone agrees on root causes or solutions. But Kentucky Wildcats coach Bob/Ron/Mike/Mark Stoops believes UGA will be ready to play, and that the loss to USCe was merely an aberration.

By now everyone probably knows that CBS played the SEC Shuffle and Georgia will host the visiting Wildcats at 6:00 pm on ESPN.

If you like depressing things, we have a little more on the injury front thanks to the AJC eyeballing Monday’s practice (well, the portion open to the media). Justin Shaffer indeed has a sprained neck and wasn’t at practice, while who he replaced was Solomon Kindley, referred to “not at 100 percent”. Lawrence Cager is questionable at best, so the progress of Kearis Jackson is a welcome sight. Brian Herrien appears to be recovering, as does cornerback Tyson Campbell.

Dawgnation dug a little deeper with some player availability and focused on the performance of the UGA offensive line Saturday. Season lows in rushing and yards per carry just prove what anyone could see with their own eyes. Though one can also deduce that having lack of continuity with the lineup (thanks to injuries) plays a part. I just didn’t think it would be that big of one.

The Red and Black pulled off a succint version of Coach Smart’s weekly Monday press conference. Personally, my browser or internet provider didn’t like the link, and from what I gather, these lads and lasses did a fine job of getting the gist.

In pro football news... no, not THAT pro football. The kind that is really wrestling. So in that vein, the XFL will hold it’s draft Tuesday and Wednesday, and there are several former Bulldogs looking to make another roster. I don’t know what to expect from this latest version of a great idea poorly executed, but I hope it gives our boys another chance to play some pigskin.

Some quick hits:

Retired baseball coach Ray Tanner apologized about the hedges.

SEC Shorts couldn’t help itself. I don’t blame them.

We’ll be back throughout the day with more of the regular game week features, this time with more despondency.

**Maybe “cheesily germane” is more accurate.