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Friday Morning Dawg Bites

We’re not too drunk to eat all this chicken

Georgia v Tennessee Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images

One day from now, Georgia will dial up the next chapter of the chicken curse when USC Jr. comes to town. Here’s a glance around the Dawgosphere with Dawg Bites.

The Banner-Herald talks about the fine line Georgia wants to walk between being aggressive and curtailing penalties.

It hasn’t been flashy, but Brian Herrien’s ride has been fun to watch.

Yes, Todd Gurley went there. And given his experience, he has every right to speak up.

Catching with a former UGA great - Damien Gary’s family is soaking up a special time with the father, son and grandfather all taking in the season at Clarke Central, where Gary is offensive coordinator under Dave Perno - yes, the former national NCAA baseball coach of the year.

Cute, Notre Dame. Really cute.

Georgia’s run defense gets a stern test against the Gamecocks. The Red & Black takes a look at the success in the trenches against the run

This is still epic...

Nearly forgotten though, was Pollack saving Georgia’s watchamacallit to win in the closing seconds.

Go Dawgs!