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FanPulse Week Five: Okay, Some Of You Are Just Nuts

Arizona State v California
Cal Bear players celebrate after losing to Arizona State and somehow rising in the FanPulse poll.
Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

When you build a college football poll out of the disparate experiences of college football fans across the country you’re bound to get some outlier results. For the most part, the week five SB Nation Fan Pulse poll doesn’t look that different from the poll of media members released on Sunday if you stop at #10.

Both the fans and the writers saw enough of Clemson‘s near miss versus North Carolina to move the Alabama Crimson Tide past the Country Gentlemen and into the top spot in the poll.

Both groups kept Georgia in the #3 spot ahead of Ohio State despite the Buckeyes relatively impressive performance this past weekend while the Red and Black were watching from home. And on the whole both groups seem to agree that about half of the top 10 football teams in the country call the SEC home.

From there, well, things get a little weird. Nowhere were the results more weird than the Cal Bears losing 24-17 to Arizona State and somehow rising six spots from #25 to #19. My personal explanation for this was that the Bears were higher up on the drop down list of schools, and people just sort of popped them in there about where they felt the Bears should be. Let’s be honest, once you get past about #15 at this point it’s all a teeming mass of humanity which has one loss.

A more interesting inquiry is where you as Bulldog fans slotted everyone, and where opposing fanbases put the ‘Dawgs.

You folks may be the most reasonable fans in America. Or at least the closest to the national mean.

Dawg Sports readers have most of the top 15 within a slot or two of their position in the aggregated poll. Except the Florida Gators. Y’all aren’t buying what Dan Mullen is selling at all.

You did put LSU above Ohio State, which I tend to agree with. I’m not sold on the Ohio State defense if it ever has to face a genuinely explosive opponent, and I remember last year what Justin Fields looked like when he wasn’t throwing to air and had to make more than one read.

In terms of what other fan bases think of Georgia, here are the major highlights:

Florida fans tab Alabama #1, LSU #2, Clemson #3, and Georgia #4. Given their poor hygiene and limited intelligence that’s relatively defensible.

Georgia Tech fans by contrast rank Georgia eighth. This is somewhat excusable given that they haven’t seen actual college football in over a decade and are consumed with jealousy. I dig it.

Auburn fans rank the Crimson Tide #1, LSU #2, Georgia #3, and Clemson #4, with their own team #6.

And Notre Dame fans, who’ve seen the Athenians up close, have Alabama #1, Georgia #2, and Clemson #3.

As a reminder, these rankings are updated every week, and you can be a part of them by signing up here. Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!