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Tuesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 21 Notre Dame at Georgia Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome to Tuesday, Bulldog fans! In case you didn’t know, I spent my formative years in the 80’s (emotional development was thwarted during the same span). As such, I will try to bring you the best** music from this seminal decade that gave us Prozac.

We’ve had way too much time on our hands to contemplate if Kirby should’ve gone for it on 4th down, wonder what could have been with Justin Fields still in Athens, question why we threw eleventy-thousand bubble screens, and if the orange in Neyland Stadium can be covered up. There’s nothing new under the sun, and it appears sometimes we fans get stuck in the same conversations year after year. Almost like we’re going around in circles:

Now on to news and notes of the Georgia Bulldog variety:

Guess who’s coming to their ci-tayyy??? SEC Nation, the pregame show of the SEC Network. So no worries about Corso and Dez this weekend. Just worry about the person in charge of maintenance for Tim Tebow’s hair clippers. Because Tim needs that fade lookin’ tight.

Speaking of Tennessee, the whole #DawgsCheckerNeyland thing seems a little far-fetched. At his press conference, Volunteer Coach Jeremy Pruitt also isn’t a big believer.

The front page of had a story about the recent California ruling on allowing collegiate student-athletes to profit from their name, image, and likeness. So why did the cover graphic have to show 2 of our most important players (Fromm and Swift)??? Is someone trying to pull another Gurley incident here? Please just don’t. (Editor’s Note: it has since been changed)

Things are rough in New Jersey. Rutgers fired head coach Chris Ash after a poor 1-3 start to the 2019 football season, and they’re looking for UT rejects to replace him. Fitting that they call New Jersey “America’s Garbage Can”.

Back in the Classic City, Head Bulldog Kirby Smart had his weekly game week press conference. The Macon Telegraph gives you the highlights, including what Coach Smart said on the injury front, The Chaney Syndrome, and how Jeremy Pruitt has his charges prepared.

Here’s a practice report from the AJC that is really more of an injury report. And here is kinda the same thing from our intrepid Lois Lanes and Perry Whites in training.

A little love for Dominick Blaylock.

And some for Azeez Olujari.

Looking in to the future: do you love noon kickoffs? And ESPN b-team broadcast crews? Then do we have something for you!!!

We’ll be back throughout the day with more of your game week favorites. And as always...


**If you weren’t around, don’t judge.