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College Football Title Game Open Thread

NCAA Football: College Football Playoff-Head Coaches Press Conference Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

The College Football Playoff National Championship Game will be kicking off this evening a little after 8:00 p.m., with television coverage on ESPN. The Georgia Bulldogs will not be playing in it. Somehow, it gets worse from there.

Will you root for the Alabama Crimson Tide, the hobgoblin which has dogged the last two UGA football coaches? The one team we just haven’t been able to best? Just how anxious are you for the Armani Bear to have another ring for the display case to show top recruits as a selling point for them to come to Tuscaloosa?

Or do you root for Clemson, led by a freshman quarterback from the Peach State who considered the ‘Dawgs before committing to the Country Gentlemen. Lawrence was one of two five star quarterbacks in the class of 2018 from the state of Georgia. The other is currently getting settled in his dorm at Ohio State.

Note also that a Clemson victory provides ammunition to those who hate the SEC’s college football dominance and contend the whole thing is just a sham manufactured by ESPN and their Mouse overlords. Finally, bear in mind that Clemson, situated only a stone’s throw across Lake Hartwell from Athens, is also a recruiting rival, and that their second title in three years could position Dado Swinney to argue that he, not Kirby Smart, will be the dynastic heir to Saban.

You have four options: 1) root for Alabama, 2) root for Clemson, 3) not watch at all, or 4) comisserate here with your fellow ‘Dawgs and look forward to next year. I think we all know that you really only have one option. Hang out here, share a laugh or two, and convince yourself that the Red and Black really aren’t that far from being right back here. Because they aren’t, actually.

After tonight, we begin the chase again. Let’s see who we’ll be chasing.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!