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Frankly, Dawg Bites Does Not Want To Talk About It

But we still will anyway

Allstate Sugar Bowl - Texas v Georgia Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Last night was no fun, to be frank about it. Here’s how others put their spin on a forgetful night in the Big Easy.

It was a dud, per the Banner-Herald

The Telegraph says that the ‘Horns acted as if they had something to prove

Kirby putting on his Captain Obvious hat and saying that Texas wanted it more.

While you cannot pin last night on one thing, the snowball effect began with the misadventures of Jake Camarda

Yes, there were missed tackles. The Red & Black talks more about them

Any inkling on who is leaving or staying? If there is, players are saying little, for now

That said, Luke Ford appears to be gone, and read what you will into Justin Fields ducking the media post-game

Meanwhile, Texas gets its spoils, and gets to say that ‘its back’

In Texas, the night was seen as the Longhorns outmuscling Georgia, giving and SEC a taste of its own medicine

In short - Texas had its moment at hand, and it took it

To The Sporting News, last night’s loss was part of a bigger picture - New Year’s Six Bowls barely being relevant