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Second Quarter Observations

Hey, we scored a touchdown!

Allstate Sugar Bowl - Texas v Georgia Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Something just seems off. Between the missed tackles, passes a bit high or dropped throws, it’s almost as if this team is just playing if it’s been sitting around four nearly a month knowing that it deserved a bigger stage than a consolation bowl, and that it’d have to somehow win and win big to back that gumption up. This team also has been blindsided with some mental adversity...see Swift’s fumbles and Camarda’s misadventures.

The best thing for this team may be just to kick back and have fun playing football for two more quarters and let the chips fall where they may.

This game is 20-7, but it was nearly 20-14 had Fromm connected with Holloman over the middle. Again..the little things are what’s keeping Georgia from coming back, things that it needs to rectify, along with basic football fundamentals at halftime.

After an anemic start, Georgia has to its offensive credit caught Texas a bit off-balance. If it can do what it did in some flashes, it has a good chance to rally.

It may be the flow of the game...but it seems that Texas fans are making more noise and there may be more of them in New Orleans. That’s a disappointment, but it plays into what this games means...the big moment for UT and consolation prize for Georgia fans..